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印度洋舰队Pacific Fleet 是1款半即时制模拟海战游戏,海上的Pacific Fleet讲诉了世界世界二战时期太平洋舰队加入的海战,游戏的使用者可以在戏耍中扮演United States的海上舰队恐怕小东瀛的海军.通过90多个阵地的出征作战,用本身的不二诀窍获大捷利。印度洋舰队Pacific Fleet 主要意义:- All new graphics depict the greatest war at sea in stunning full 3D- Historically based ships, aircraft, weapons and dozens of ship upgrades- A unique blend of deep strategic planning combined with quick tactical decisions- Play as the US Pacific Fleet or Imperial Japanese Navy- 90 combat zones to battle through on your way to victory- Single Battle and Multiplayer Hotseat modes- Complete 4四 achievements- Sink ships with realistic buoyancy physics, not with hit-point bars!- Submarine warfare and carrier operations with dive bombing and torpedo bombers- Dynamic weather, shore bombardments and night engagements- Target specific ship subsystems to sink or cripple the enemy- 17playable ships- 八 playable aircraft- Random ship placement, wind, weather and night engagements make each play-through unique- NO ADVERTISEMENTS. NO IN APPS. ONE PHighlanderICE = FULL GAME.北冰洋舰队Pacific Fleet 二.10 中的新功用- Added "Auto Next" feature under Quit Battle page (一 to 三 second delay between auto turn progression)- Fixed TDC/Imp. Detonators not applied to first torpedo fired- IJN ships now lose xp when sunk in campaign- Aircraft attacks must now target an enemy before launching- Starshell brightness greatly increased- Ships can no longer face away from each other at combat start- *** on level 一 IJN Campaign now displays correctly on map- AAA upgrade reduced to 8,000 renown, allowing M.I.C. achievement- Fixed a bug where a sinking ship would sometimes linger on 苹果平板- Fixed a rare bug where turn order broke on an enemy sinking- 马努al Clarification: shell damage is multiplied by number of gun barrels firing- Added 照片墙 link in Help section- Removed sound volume slider (master audio now controlled with device)- Fixed a rare bug whereby achievements could be deleted- Fixed several achievements which would not register or were impossible- Kongo torpedo reload messages removed- Torpedo reload timing corrected- Takao now has 八 torpedoes印度洋舰队Pacific Fleet 二.1一 中的新作用Update for iOS 1一 compatibilityImproved splash effectsImproved explosionsImproved gunfire effects



When, a week ago today, I asked the House to fix this afternoon as the occasion for a statement, I feared it would be my hard lot to announce the greatest military disaster in our long history. I thought-and some good judges agreed with me-that perhaps 20,000 or 30,000 men might be re-embarked. But it certainly seemed that the whole of the French First Army and the whole of the British Expeditionary Force north of the Amiens-Abbeville gap would be broken up in the open field or else would have to capitulate for lack of food and ammunition. These were the hard and heavy tidings for which I called upon the House and the nation to prepare themselves a week ago. The whole root and core and brain of the British Army, on which and around which we were to build, and are to build, the great British Armies in the later years of the war, seemed about to perish upon the field or to be led into an ignominious and starving captivity.


This plugin alters the various aspects of the default battle system,
allowing it to be more streamlined like most modern RPG's and less clunky
like older RPG's. This ranges from choosing what text will appear in the
battle log window at the top and how it will be displayed.

The enemy attacked on all sides with great strength and fierceness, and their main power, the power of their far more numerous Air Force, was thrown into the battle or else concentrated upon Dunkirk and the beaches. Pressing in upon the narrow exit, both from the east and from the west, the enemy began to fire with cannon upon the beaches by which alone the shipping could approach or depart. They sowed magnetic mines in the channels and seas; they sent repeated waves of hostile aircraft, sometimes more than a hundred strong in one formation, to cast their bombs upon the single pier that remained, and upon the sand dunes on which the troops had their eyes for shelter. Their U-boats, one of which was sunk, and their motor launches took their toll of the vast traffic which now began. For four or five days an intense struggle reigned. All their armored divisions-or what Was left of them-together with great masses of infantry and artillery, hurled themselves in vain upon the ever-narrowing, ever-contracting appendix within which the British and French Armies fought.


Meanwhile, the Royal Navy, with the willing help of countless merchant seamen, strained every nerve to embark the British and Allied troops; 220 light warships and 650 other vessels were engaged. They had to operate upon the difficult coast, often in adverse weather, under an almost ceaseless hail of bombs and an increasing concentration of artillery fire. Nor were the seas, as I have said, themselves free from mines and torpedoes. It was in conditions such as these that our men carried on, with little or no rest, for days and nights on end, making trip after trip across the dangerous waters, bringing with them always men whom they had rescued. The numbers they have brought back are the measure of their devotion and their courage. The hospital ships, which brought off many thousands of British and French wounded, being so plainly marked were a special target for Nazi bombs; but the men and women on board them never faltered in their duty.

Battle Messages

When changing "Terms" and the "Messages" that appear in battle, inserting
the following tag anywhere in the message will cause the message to center
itself in the battle log.

This tag must be all caps in order for the battle log window to recognize
it as an instruction to center the displayed battle text message.

There are a couple of notetags you can use to change the way certain skills
and items will show up incase you don't want a name like 'Harold's Attack'
to appear in the name.
Skill and Item Notetags:

<Display Text: x>
This will change the text displayed to x.

<Display Icon: x>
This will change the icon displayed to x.


Meanwhile, the Royal Air Force, which had already been intervening in the battle, so far as its range would allow, from home bases, now used part of its main metropolitan fighter strength, and struck at the German bombers and at the fighters which in large numbers protected them. This struggle was protracted and fierce. Suddenly the scene has cleared, the crash and thunder has for the moment-but only for the moment-died away. A miracle of deliverance, achieved by valor, by perseverance, by perfect discipline, by faultless service, by resource, by skill, by unconquerable fidelity, is manifest to us all. The enemy was hurled back by the retreating British troops. He was so roughly handled that he did not hurry their departure seriously. We must be very careful not to assign to this deliverance the attributes of a victory. Wars are not won by evacuations. But there was a victory inside this deliverance, which should be noted. It was gained by the Air Force. Many of our soldiers coming back have not seen the Air Force at work; they saw only the bombers which escaped its protective attack. They underrate its achievements. I have heard much talk of this; that is why I go out of my way to say this. I will tell you about it.

Battle Windows

There's various options to adjust the window settings found in the battle
system to make navigating the battle system more intuitive. Such options
include starting the turns with the Actor Command Window instead of the
Party Command Window (the Fight/Escape Window). The Party Command Window is
still accessible but only by pressing cancel on the first actor's window.

This was a great trial of strength between the British and German Air Forces. Can you conceive a greater objective for the Germans in the air than to make evacuation from these beaches impossible, and to sink all these ships which were displayed, almost to the extent of thousands? Could there have been an objective of greater military importance and significance for the whole purpose of the war than this? They tried hard, and they were beaten back; they were frustrated in their task. We got the Army away; and they have paid fourfold for any losses which they have inflicted.


When we consider how much greater would be our advantage in defending the air above this Island against an overseas attack, I must say that I find in these facts a sure basis upon which practical and reassuring thoughts may rest. I will pay my tribute to these young airmen. The great French Army was very largely, for the time being, cast back and disturbed by the onrush of a few thousands of armored vehicles. May it not also be that the cause of civilization itself will be defended by the skill and devotion of a few thousand airmen?There never has been, I suppose, in all the world, in all the history of war, such an opportunity for youth. The Knights of the Round Table, the Crusaders, all fall back into the past-not only distant but prosaic; these young men, going forth every morn to guard their native land and all that we stand for, holding in their hands these instruments of colossal and shattering power, of whom it may be said that:

Battle Order

The battle turn order is also fixed, too. This way, any battlers that Have
their AGI value changed over the course of battle will reflect those changes
during the current turn rather than the following turn. The action speed
calculation can also be adjusted and finetuned to have the random factor of
its speed calculation formula removed, too, making AGI actually worthwhile
as a tactical parameter.
Skill and Item Notetag:
<speed: x>
<speed: -x>
This lets you break past the editor's limit of -2000 and 2000 allowing you
to set the speed of your actions with more control.


Every morn brought forth a noble chance


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